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We are looking for a new chapter logo and you happen to be the right person for the job!

Feel free to submit your designs in the “Mid-State Logo” thread of the forum, where other details about what we’re looking for can also be found. Chapter members will vote to determine what the new logo will be.

The MMBA is also looking for 20th anniversary designs as well as new t-shirt designs. Winners will receive prizes for the statewide contests. Check out for more information.

Mid Michigan mountain bikers can now “friend” the Mid State Chapter on Facebook. We’re even tweeting on Twitter!

Click here to visit our Facebook page. You can read our tweets on the sidebar to the right, or you can visit our Twitter page (MMBA_Midstate).

Don’t forget that you can always reach us on the Mid-State Forum, as well.

New chapter officers were elected at the February 20 meeting at Old Chicago in Okemos.  This year’s board is already looking at possible trail projects, including new trails, and other new things to help out the Mid-State Chapter.

Chapter Board

The following are the new board members:

  • President Mitch DeYoung
  • Vice President Jon Wlodarczak
  • Secretary Andrea Davis
  • Treasurer Chris Mensing
  • CPS Respresentative David Frost
  • Master of the Web Diane Ursu

State Board

The Mid-State Chapter has two members on the State Board.  The Mid-State Chapter Representative was elected by chapter members.  The State Board At-Large Member was elected by the statewide membership to serve a two-year term.

  • Chapter Representative Chris Mensing
  • At-Large Member Diane Ursu

A new midstate chapter forum has been set up on the main MMBA site. Any information regarding the chapter such as trail days, events, group rides, etc… will be posted on the new forum.

The stunt in Bobs Supremacy is trashed.
If I have enough interest, I will get some lumber to work on rebuilding the stunt. Please reply here, or at my email. If I can round up 3-4 people I’ll go on a lumber run.
email is jeff.popard(at)kramerairtool (dot)com.

Setting it up for Sunday April 26 at 11:00. We will meet at McNamara Landing. Let me know if anyone is interested.

We will need cordless drills, hammers, and a cordless sawzall or circular saw.

Also, If anyone has waders, we can fix the bridges at swamp thing!

Let me know, and thanks!

We are looking for trail building volunteers to help us complete the Red Loop at Anderson Park on April 11th and 25th. No experience or tools necessary…just a desire to give back and work on trails. I will post up times as the days approach.

I will be out at the park this weekend to remove the sticks and leaves from the green loop and section of red loop that has already been completed. After this is done the trail should be ready to ride. Anyone is welcome to do this type of work at anytime.

The blue loop will be completed when the IMBA Trail Crew visits May 21-24. See for details.

Finally, we are looking for someone to help with the construction of kiosks. Post up, PM, or contact a MidState board member if you can help.

Thank you!

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